The Multiplayer system is a stimulating and engaging teaching resource; making use of visual cues and stimuli to engage children.

Once installed the Multiplayer software makes setting up new songs to try out and practice very easy. Each track comes pre-made in the Multiplayer format; splitting the song into four separate parts, allowing the teacher to isolate individual parts, mute any of the instruments, zoom in for a better view and cycle around any sections that you want to work on. Classes can be split into groups, being given a particular on screen frame to take their cue from, allowing all four groups to combine with minimal fuss to create the desired round or harmony.

Take a look at our different packs of songs here.

This system mirrors the American teaching method of Part Predominant- where the student learns by singing/ playing along and practicing to a backing track with their part louder relative to the others.

This allows the student to practice without the need to be able to read and understand sheet music. When used alongside sheet music it can also act as a foundation and starting point for the introduction to notation. This system integrates well into Musical Futures activities.

To see the Multiplayer in action in a school environment please click here.