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Ever tried to teach vocal harmonies to small to large groups who have mixed abilities in reading music? Then the Choir Pack is for you. Devised by legendary singer and arranger Kate Cameron all the parts are sorted for you with full scores and piano accompaniment.

"The choir pack makes singing fun, and provides teachers with the confidence to approach singing, knowing that they have the Multiplayer to support their teaching.  4 part singing becomes easy, as each track can be separated and listened to separately. It's a great tool for those teachers that lack confidence in singing"

Martin Ainscough- Head of Applied Learning at Fred Longworth High School

Please take a look at a preview of 'Oh Happy Day' below.

"These resources are some of the most exciting I've seen in years. They give specialist and non-specialist music teachers a tool to teach harmony singing in a fun and immediately engaging way"

Middlesbrough’s Coordinator for the Tees Valley Music Service and Head of Vocal Strategy, Susan Robertson

Once installed on the computer the Multiplayer software makes setting up new songs to try out and work on very easy. Each track comes pre-made in the Multiplayer format; splitting the song into four separate parts, allowing the teacher to isolate individual parts, mute any of the parts, zoom in for a better view and cycle around any sections that you want to work on. Classes can be split into groups, being given a particular on screen frame to take their cue from, allowing all four groups to combine with minimal fuss to create the desired round or harmony.

This system mirrors the American teaching method of Part Predominant- where the student learns by singing along and practicing to a backing track. This allows the student to practice without the need to be able to read and understand sheet music, but when used alongside sheet music can also acts as a foundation and starting point for their formal musical development.

Everyone can sing. No additional equipment is needed and even the most space-restricted venues can partake. Singing still allows students to boost their musical development without taking up masses of extra resources. Singing as part of a choir helps to develop group skills and can be used as a team building exercise.

 As well as the video file each track comes with full sheet music with separate vocal parts, piano score and historical information about each song. This allows for potential crossovers of subjects to give the students context and further knowledge to the style of music and the lyrics they are singing.

The teachers’ guide that accompanies each track gives tips and suggestions on how to tackle the piece, from who would be best to sing what part to which sections are best taught first.