Richard Hawley on life and song writing

Critically acclaimed guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer Richard Hawley has had a fair few pitfalls in his career. There was even a time when he reportedly considered leaving the music industry altogether, when his Britpop band The Longpigs were brought to the brink of extinction after a drug fuelled tour of America in 1997.Shortly after, Hawley was asked by frontman Jarvis Cocker to play with Pulp. “They saved my life, I was going mental.” He recalled, warning of the dangers of drink and drugs.

SMHTP discovers how Richard Hawley has well and truly bounced back.

Perhaps what is so unique about Hawley’s song writing skills is the fact that he does not strive to make a change through his music; he simply writes beautifully about the routine things in life. He explained to SMHTP: “I just write about daily life particularly in Sheffield because I don’t know what it’s like in other places. The mundane I find quite interesting rather than just big political sweeping statements.”

Hawley articulated how he thinks it’s important as a musician not to conform, his latest album Lady’s Bridge is a perfect expression of this - being described as, “Something timeless and proper” it promises to, “Last you a lifetime.”

He explains: “Individualism isn’t necessarily something that is encouraged in other parts of people’s lives; it’s all about conforming and fitting in. Music is definitely a way, same as art, acting or anything else creative of expressing you.”