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Show Me How To Play is a groundbreaking piece of software which is fast gaining in popularity throughout schools.

It features the multi-player application, a four window split screen video player that allows students to look at and listen to each individual vocal part in a track.. Students can solo a vocal/ instrumental part to really listen to what they are doing as well as zooming in on that screen, making it easier to learn. Alternatively they can also mute a vocal/ instrumental part and sing along themselves as part of the choir.

Features include:

  • Students learn as part of the band/ choir
  • Tuition is done with real songs
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Useful way to learn about arrangement and composition

The multi-player uses real songs, showing each vocal/ instrumental part in separate windows. As well as making each part easier to learn it also gives students an idea about how vocal harmonies and ensembles are arranged and composed.

Click here to see the Choir PackJunior PackRock Pack or Soul Pack.