Safety Advice when using our site

Show me how to play is designed for you to enjoy our sites music and lessons, meet online in the My Profile section with friends and make new ones. There are a number of common sense guidelines which we recommend that you follow when creating and using your ‘My Profile’ Account with Show Me How to Play.

  1. Please don’t forget that all profiles are open to the public. Don’t put anything up there that you don’t want to be made public knowledge.
  2. It is important not to forget that ‘My Profile’ and our Forum are public spaces therefore don't post anything that you wouldn't want the everyone in the world to know (i.e. don’t give your phone numbers, address or whereabouts). Try also to avoid posting anything that would make it possible for a stranger to find you.
  3. Remember that people aren't always who they say they are. Take care when adding strangers to your list of friends. We would never recommend meeting someone that you don’t know really well but if you feel that you must meet someone, make sure you do it in a public place and take someone else with you i.e. a friend or trusted adult.
  4. Inappropriate content such as harassment or hate speech should be reported. If you consider someone's behaviour to be inappropriate then talk with a friend or trusted adult. Also – please report it to Show Me How To Play or the authorities.
  5. Remember not to post anything that could come back to embarrass you later. Always think twice before posting a photo or information that you wouldn't want your parents or boss to see!
  6. Never mislead people into thinking that you're older or younger. If you lie about your age and it is discovered that you are under 14 years old we will delete your profile. Likewise if we discover that you are over 18 and have pretended to be a teenager in order to contact underage users, we will delete your profile.
  7. Be aware of phishing scams. Phishing is a method used by fraudsters to get your personal information, such as your username and password.

The following links can provide you with more information on all of the above:

Internet Crime Complaint Centre
National Crime Prevention Council
OnGuard Online: FTC safety tips